Self-Care Articles

Stressed woman holding her head.

Impostor Syndrome: How Does It Affect Businesswomen?

We’ll explain more about what imposter syndrome is, how it affects women in business, and essential steps you can take to overcome it.

Woman relaxing on a couch looking at self-care apps on her phone.

8 Self-Care Apps to Lift Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s important to take a step back each day, breathe, and remind yourself of your worth; we’ll share 7 self-care apps that will allow you to do so.

Happy woman jumping in the air.

A Case for Support, Happiness, and Success

When we are happy, we’re more likely to work harder, solve complex problems, and attract people who could become useful resources.

Group of women pointing at a laptop.

8 Online Support Communities for Female Entrepreneurs

Support communities create safe spaces for women to share the challenges they face and the obstacles they have overcome.

Woman stretching at desk.

How to Fit Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

There are many simple ways you can begin integrating self-care into your daily life.

Two women in business suits laughing and playing the guitar.

10 Great Hobbies for Entrepreneurs

The benefits of having a hobby are especially pertinent for entrepreneurs who have a lot to gain from taking a breather every now and again.

Woman entrepreneur holding mug and browsing the computer.

18 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Prevent Burnout

There are many ways to stay proactive and prevent burnout from affecting you and your entrepreneurial journey.

Smiling woman waking up in bed.

An Investment Every Entrepreneur Should Make

Learn about why sleep is incredibly important for entrepreneurs, its overall benefits, and how to improve your sleep quality.