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Woman using data to help improve her work.

InHerSight: Using Data to Help Women in the Workforce

InHerSight has the potential to genuinely improve how companies treat women in more ways than one.

Women working at computer.

The Most Female-Friendly Companies, According to Women

InHerSight allows women to anonymously rate and review previous companies, publishing the results online for all to see.

Woman coding at her tech business.

Why Aren’t There More Female-Owned Tech Businesses?

Female-founded companies are this country’s biggest entrepreneurial success stories, but there are still numerous industry barriers.

Female tech entrepreneur coding at desk.

7 Nonprofits Supporting Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Some nonprofit organizations aim to grow and recruit talent, while others simply seek to support women who feel isolated in the tech industry.

Woman engineer wearing a hard hat

Innovative Female Engineers

Women are among tech’s greatest minds, and have been since the advent of the technology revolution.

Female-owned engineering firms.

Why Aren’t There More Female-Owned Engineering Firms?

Though their contributions have become more visible in recent decades, the role of women in engineering can actually be traced back hundreds of years to 1876.

AI Women

Women in AI

AI isn’t clearly visible to the general public — though it is quietly making your life easier behind the scenes.